Bitcoin Monsters - Win Real Bitcoins by Fighting with your Monsters!

Bitcoin Monsters - Win Real Bitcoins by Fighting with your Monsters!

Collect new Monsters, train your Monsters and fight with them in big competitions to win a huge amount of bitcoins!
What is Bitcoin-Monsters? is an online multiplayer game where you collect different Monsters and train them to fight for big Bitcoin Rewards in epic competitions!

==> How can you win Bitcoins at Bitcoin-Monsters?
The most Bitcoins you can win is through competitions.
You also get a small amount of Bitcoins just by training your Monsters.

==> What Monsters will you be able to collect and train?
You will get a free daily Monster just for logging in and claiming it to increase your variety. Later you will also be able to get new monsters through special missions.
Each Monster type differs in their base stat in strength, defence and speed. These stats are important to win your matches. In addition each monster has an element and a rarity. If you have a rare monster, it has a multiplier on its stats.
This way, every Monster is unique and special!
==> How do you make your Monsters stronger?
The first way is by training your monsters. Just select the stat of your Monster you want to increase and start the training. Your monster will also always get some XP and you some Satoshi! This also makes your monsters stronger for matches!
The easiest way is to join as many competitions as possible. For every fight your Monsters take, they will earn 1 XP. And if your Monster gets killed, it will get 2 XP! Yes, we also reward you for loosing, your monsters learn by making mistakes!
==> How is decided who is attacking and in which order in each Match round?
Every monster that is alive will attack in each round once. If a monster dies in a round before it attacked, it will - of course - not be able to attack.
The order is determined by luck. But you can improve your chances of starting by a high speed stat. Your chance of the next attack is: your speed stat / speed stat of all remaining monster that still need to attack.
For example:
Monster A (15 speed) and Monster B (30 speed) still need to attack. Monster A has a chance of 15/45 to attack first.

==> How does a competition work?
In a competition you will fight against random participants in an KO-system. The winners of each round proceed to the next round until we have winner.
Your prize depends on your result in the competition. Win as many matches as possible to win as much as possible! You usually only have to win 2 or 3 fights to get a prize.

==> How do you win a Match in a competition?
You can set up to three monsters to used for matches. You will fight with these three monsters. Your match will last until you killed all monsters of your opponent or all of your monsters died. The matches are fully automatic.
Just register for competitions and see your Monsters winning!
The speed of your monster decides how often you try to attack an opponent. Your attack stat increases the chance of a successful attack. Your defence stat makes your Monster survive longer!

Elements Info:
If your monster attacks another monster and has an element advantage, your chance of a successful attack will be increased by 25%. Those are the advantages:
==> Water is strong against Fire;
==> Fire is strong against Earth;
==> Earth is strong against Air;
==> Air is strong against Water.

How can you know if the Attack is successful?
Your attack can only have 2 results: successful or not successful. If an attack is sccessful is determined by chance.
The formula for your chance is: your attack stat/(your attack stat + opponent's defence stat*3).
A maximum of 50% and a minimum of 5% apply. Finally, if your monster has an element advantage, your chance is multiplied by 1.25.

Referral Program:
Go to the Cashier and there you find your referral link.
==> 67% referral reward on finished trainings of your referrals.
This equals 1 Satoshi for every single training that your referrals finish.
==> 10% referral reward on rakes payed on buy-ins for competitions.
This reward is rounded to the next integer.

Withdraw Options:
==> direct payout to your bitcoin wallet;
Higher fees may apply. This might take longer to process.
==> payout using FaucetHub.
Perfect for small payments. This is also really quick.

Minimum Payout:
==> FaucetHub: 10 Satoshi;
Fee: 0% (or 2% if you want to pay out less then 100,000 Satoshi)
==> Direct: 40,000 Satoshi.
Fee: 10,000 Satoshi (or 20,000 Satoshi if you want to pay out less then 1,000,000 Satoshi)

Register here: bitcoin-monsters

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collect every hours free hp.


the more you collect and the more resources you unlock, access to the forums ...
exchange resources against each other to collect a maximum of atom.
Keep your temperature> 0 degree, and have enough ressource to left the game before your next reconnection.




Get star : 


Exchange ressource give some stars

claim free hp give 1-2 stars


Tips :

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Earn Satoshi while playing a great online multiplayer game! Fight big NPCs in a group or fight against your enemies in a gigantic arena!

Fight real enemies in the arena and win big rewards for every kill you make!

Earn Bitcoin while playing! Earn rewards in the arena or in weekly competitions!

Upgrade your character and get even better and defeat your enemies even easier!

Grind yourself to the top by killing NPCs and earn Credits, XP and Satoshi!

Play yourself to the top of the ranking and show everyone who is the best!

Fight together against a strong boss or steal it from your enemies!

What do I do at this game?
The main part is the arena! Join it by clicking the button "Join the arena" at the top of the page. There you can find up to 20 players/Npcs.

Fight the enemies by clicking on their target. Their border-color should now change to orange. To attack them, press "start attack" at the bottom, or use the Hotkey "Q". As soon as their life hits 0 you will get some reward!

Use the functions on this main page to make your account even stronger!

How do I earn Satoshi?
You earn Satoshi by playing! Find exploits and kill other players to earn satoshi. But you will earn the most satoshi for winning at competitions.

How can I request a payout?
You can choose between getting your money directly in your wallet or using Faucethub.

Minimum payout > 10 satoshi
In order to request your payout successfully you need to be at least level 8 and have your email address confirmed.




Withdrawal Options:

1. Minimum 10 Satoshi to FaucetHub.
2. Minimum 40,000 Satoshi to your bitcoin wallet.

Earn 10% referal reward
For every payout they request on Clickfight, you will be rewarded with 10% of their payout amount!

Get 100 free satoshi for signing up now!

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